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Coolslimming 360

Coolslimming 360

Coolslimming 360

Are you tired of dealing with stubborn areas of fat that seem impossible to get rid of, no matter how hard you work out or diet? Coolslimming 360 is the answer. This is one of Australia's most popular cryolipolysis systems  and has been TGA approved, which means the machine has undergone rigorous testing and meets the highest safety and quality standards. 

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1. What is Fat Freezing ?

Fat Freezing is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure designed to reduce fat in specific areas of the body. It is also known as cryolipolysis. The procedure works by freezing fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body over time.


The device delivers controlled cooling to freeze the fat cells beneath the skin without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The cooling process crystallizes the fat cells, and over the following weeks, the body gradually eliminates them through natural metabolic processes.

Extensive research conducted by renowned experts in the field has shown that fat freezing, also known as cryolipolysis, is a safe and effective way to reduce unwanted fat. The technology behind our treatment has been rigorously tested and validated to ensure its efficacy and safety.

2. What is the procedure ?

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the fat freezing procedure:

  1. Consultation: The process typically begins with a consultation with our therapists. During this consultation, you can discuss your goals, areas of concern, and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

  2. Treatment Planning: Once you decide to proceed with the fat freezing treatment, we will create a customised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes. We will identify the areas to be treated and explain the procedure in detail.

  3. Preparation: Before the procedure, you will be required to stop taking blood thinning products for a week to minimise bruising and reduce caffein and alcohol intakes 24 hours before the procedure. However, with the new 360 cooling technology, bruising and redness from fat freezing has been reduced significantly as compared to previous generation machine.

  4. Application of Cooling Device: During the procedure, you will be positioned comfortably, and a specialised cooling applicator will be placed on the targeted area of your body. The applicator delivers controlled cooling to the underlying fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues.

  5. Cooling and Treatment Duration: The cooling process begins, and you may experience sensations of coldness and suction as the applicator draws in the targeted area. While the fat cells are being exposed to controlled cooling, you can relax, read, or even nap during the treatment session. The duration of the treatment session can vary depending on the area being treated, but it typically lasts around 40 minutes per area.

  6. Post-Treatment: After the treatment session is complete, the provider will remove the cooling device and massage the treated area to help break up any crystallised fat cells and enhance the results. There is usually no downtime required, allowing you to resume your regular activities immediately.

  7. Results and Follow-up: Over the following weeks and months, your body will naturally process and eliminate the targeted fat cells. It's important to note that the results are gradual, and it may take several weeks or even months to see the full effects of the treatment. Multiple treatment sessions may be recommended to achieve optimal results, depending on your goals and the provider's assessment.

3. What are the side effects ?

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, is generally considered a safe procedure with minimal side effects. However, it's important to be aware of potential temporary side effects that some individuals may experience. These side effects are typically mild and resolve on their own within a few days to weeks after the treatment. Common side effects of fat freezing may include:

  1. Temporary Redness or Swelling: The treated area may appear red or swollen immediately after the procedure. This is a normal response to the cooling process and usually subsides within a few hours to a few days.

  2. Bruising: Some individuals may experience bruising in the treated area, which is caused by the cooling applicator's suction and pressure. Bruising is generally mild and resolves within a week or two.

  3. Less than 1% of people who get it done have a complication called paradoxical fat hyperplasia. When this happens, the number of fat cells in the area of treatment increase instead of decrease.

4. Which Area can be treated ?

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, can be used to target and reduce fat in various areas of the body. Some of the common areas that can be treated with fat freezing include:

- Beneath the chin (1 applicator)

- Upper arms (2 applicators)

- Inner and outer thighs (2 applicators)

- Abdomen (1 to 2 applicators)

- Hip/flank (2 applicators)

- Upper back/Bra (2 applicators)

- Underneath the buttocks (2 applicators)

- Male chest (2 applicators)

During a consultation, we will discuss your treatment goals, conduct a physical examination, and develop a personalised treatment plan to address your specific needs and desired outcomes.

5. What are the costs ?

Single Session

One Applicator .................... $109

Two Applicators .................. $139

Three Applicators .............. $199

Four Applicators ................. $239

Package (4 Sessions)

One Applicators .................... $399

Two Applicators .................... $539

Three Applicators ................ $779

Four Applicators ................... $899

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